Left WGS: 1965-1969

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Name nee Leaving Year
Mrs Jean Parr nee Marriott 1965
Mrs Naomi Davies nee Phillips 1965
Mrs Pauline Cameron nee Smith 1965
Mrs Susan Scott nee Massey 1966
Mrs Yvonne Phillips nee Blakelock 1966
Miss Ann Prior    1966 
Mrs Susan Williamson nee Edwards 1966
Mrs Elizabeth Hopwood nee Manning 1966
Miss Hilary Lantsberry   1967
Miss Sheelah Brindle   1967
Mrs Sally Watson nee Lownds 1967
Mrs Dilys Pratt  nee Horsburgh  1967 
Mrs Hilary Burnett nee Caplan 1967
Mrs Diana Doherty nee Lewis 1967
Mrs Jennifer Galbraith nee Paget 1967
Mrs Judith Stanley nee Sugden 1967
Mrs Daphne Clarke nee Barnes 1968
Miss Susan Dennis-Jones   1968
Mrs Diana Neville  nee Wardle  1968 
Mrs Susan Kearney nee Podmore 1968
Mrs Pamela Kirby nee Roth 1968
Mrs Lynne Eaton nee Worrall 1968
Mrs Hilary Taylor nee Bullock 1969
Mrs Patricia Baitler nee Levy 1969
Mrs Ellen Lane nee Muldal 1969
Ms Beryl Peers   1969
Mrs Janet Stacey nee Redfern 1969
Miss Elizabeth Stitt   1969
 Mrs Judith Smith  nee Singer  1969